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Javelin updates – Aug/Sept 2014

In our Summer Newsletter we featured the new version of Javelin PDF reader for Windows, with its many enhancements. Since that release we have improved it further with updates that improve its print handling. Related updates to print output from the Mac version of Javelin have also been made.

In addition all technology platforms have received updates to Javelin to handle a wider range of languages that use special characters (accented and non Latin-based character sets) in the document body and in watermarks.The Android update is currently in beta testing – if you would like to join our Android beta testing program please contact us. An iOS8 release of Javelin is expected post the release of iOS8 (the current release works with iOS7 but we have a version built for iOS8 with a number of enhancements to the iOS7 release. Again, as per Javelin for Android, if you would like to be a beta tester for our iOS version of Javelin please contact us.

iOS8 release

iOS8: We have recently tested our iPAD apps (Javelin, Taxbooks, NKI and Jee) against the forthcoming release of Apple’s iOS operating system, iOS8. Some may recall the problems caused to many apps by the ill-fated iOS7 initial release last September. All the signs are that iOS8 will not cause similar issues, with the latest beta (Beta 5) working well with our apps. It seems likely that iOS8 will be released on September 10th 2014.