What printer settings should I use?

Ignore the network printer setting – this reflects a historic issue with non-physical printers that appeared as virtual devices in the LAN (we don’t allow printing to non-physical devices, like PDF writers and Image writers. If you do allow printing then we recommend that you tick the box that says Relaxed Printing (if not already ticked) and specify Print#: -1 and PrintPages#: <number of pages in total you allow to be printed>, e.g. with a 100 page document you want to allow to be printed twice, you would set this to 200 or maybe 250 to allow for problems with paper jams/ink running out etc. Javelin readers will still count the pages to be printed. Whilst testing be aware that if you create a document with particular settings, and then re-generate the same document with the same documentID but different settings, it will remember your original settings and not the new ones… so whilst doing such tests you may need to use the Remove Authorization option in Javelin to clear out the previous settings and then re-authorize the new file to get the new settings recognized.