What is the process for getting my PDFs onto your Managed Online service?

The steps for using the Managed Online service are:

  • discuss with us your requirements, we will run a test/demo for you without charge if required, and then having agreed the commercial arrangements, prepare your PDFs for the service
  • provide us with your source PDF files, (e.g. via Dropbox, SendNow, FTP or other convenient file transfer mechanism) making sure these are saved as PDFs suitable for screen display/smallest file size, with explicit hyperlinks where relevant to aid navigation and usability (e.g. by providing links to a Contents page, links to relevant external websites etc)
  • we then convert your source PDFs to the format we require and load the files onto one of our servers (e.g. our drmz.net hosting facility)
  • we augment the access to your uploaded documents with tailored toolbars, logos, menu access pages etc, depending on your requirements
  • we send you details of how to access the pages prior to our adding our security framework to these. Once approved we add the security framework and ask for the files to be re-tested by your team, prior to release
  • access can be open, IP address restricted and more typically, controlled via username/password access. The username/password access control system can be a shared service, whereby we provide you with a pre-generated list of usernames and passwords you can issue to end users, and we manage service registration and access, reporting etc., or a dedicated database with your own service management facility. The latter allows you to add, amend and remove users, monitor usage, enable guests and provide a large-scale service. Dedicated services would typically only apply to publishers with 100+ end users, preferably more.
  • Guest access facilities can be provide, with self-registration for limited access to a selection of documents and/or a specified number of days
  • Auto-login can be provided if required, for example for convenient access from existing systems that are operated by the publisher/corporate services