What is the difference between Javelin and JavelinPro?

JavelinPro is a superset of Javelin. Currently JavelinPro is only available for MS Windows (or systems running an MS Windows virtualization system such as Parallels). In addition to the standard Javelin functionality, JavelinPro automatically asks users to register their copy of the software when they first install it. This registration information is stored centrally on the DRM server and assigns a unique userID to that user and device. This information can then be used to provide the following additional functionality:

  • instead of authorization codes, end users can be sent a user-and-device specific “license file” for a secure PDF document (a .drmz file). The license file must be placed in the same folder as the .drmz file and then when the user attempts to open the .drmz file using JavelinPro it will do so immediately without requiring online service access. This is instant and avoids the need to ever have internet connectivity whilst retaining full security over the document
  • where there is internet access registration can be online, but offline registration is also provided, with details being sent to the service manager via email as a text file rather than as an online transaction
  • where there is internet access a background process will log usage and can be used to control access, e.g. remove access to documents
  • because users have registered, their details are stored locally and centrally, and the on-screen intelligent watermark field %U (identifying the user by name) can be used as an additional form of protection