What is the difference between Basic DRM and fully secured DRMX files?

Basic DRM files are only readable by end users who install and register Drumlin (rather than Javelin) as their reader. This means they are only supported on Windows, and in their standard form provide no Digital Rights Management security, i.e. are not protected from copying – anyone with Drumlin installed and registered can read them. However, Basic DRM files can be augmented with the User List function to add DRM protection. User lists are pretty much what the title says, a list of registered Drumlin users whose details are embedded into a Basic DRM file when the file is generated. Only these users can view the file. Basic DRM files are only used in very special circumstances, generally for intra-corporate use on PCs whose copies of Drumlin are pre-installed by the IT Department. This is the case in some in-house training rooms and for engineering teams.