What format are Authorization codes provided in?

The format of the authorization code list is a text file, one code per line. Each code (for drmz files) is a random 9 character string in lower case. Each code is also stored on our DRM database and this has a counter value, e.g. 1 or 2 or 3. When someone receives a code and uses it, it is checked on our server to make sure it is valid and applies to the document in question (i.e. your document, not one owned by someone else) and has a counter >0 – if all is OK our system tells the Javelin software “OK, you can enable the device for this file”, and then reduces the counter value on our server by 1. So if it starts at 1, it will go to 0 and if someone else tries to use the same file, software and code on another device, our server will reject this, log what happened, and you will be able to track this. This is essentially how our DRM works (standard version). Authorization codes for .drmx files are 20 characters and a mix of upper and lower case and numbers. All authorization codes now have an expiry date, defaulted to 3 years from the date they are created. This does not expire the codes already used, only relating to unused codes and unused counters on codes. The expiry dates can be reset if required.