What are exe files?

In some circumstances a directly run-able version of an ebook or other document is required. Drumlin provides a facility to create such files, for Windows platforms only. The procedure has the advantage that there is no software installation – the user simply downloads the exe file (or maybe the exe contained in a zip file) and saves it, then double-clicks it to run the file and view the document. An authorization is still required in most cases. The exe files are produced using Drumlin in the following manner:

  1. publish your source PDF using the Drumlin, Publish, Publish documents… function, making sure you create a .drmx file rather than a .drmz file (i.e. make sure the iPAD/Android compatible option is not ticked)
  2. Select the File menu, Publish option, Create ExE option. It will ask for the source .drmx file that you have just created and you can then select Online authorization, Offline authorization (non-DRM, rather like traditional software licenses) or no authorization. It then create an exe file with the settings you have selected. The exe file is simply a wrapper consisting of Javelin plus the .drmx file you selected.
  3. Test the exe file and when satisfied it is OK, send it to your user. Note that emailing exe files is not recommended as most email clients will reject unknown exe file attachments.

Pros: easy for the end user, as long as their PC setup does not object to an unsigned/unknown exe file

Cons: some PC installations will reject or quarantine the exe; the javelin PDF reader and document are combined, which means the exe is larger (by 1-2Mb) than the document would be otherwise (less of a problem nowadays with fast communications), and if javelin requires an update (e.g. as a result of a major operating system change) the exe will need re-generating and re-issuing.