Updating Drumlin to Windows 10 (Win10)

If you are an existing Drumlin user and upgrade (!) your Windows OS to Windows 10, you will find that Drumlin no longer works. This is because Windows 10 is a completely new operating system and makes many changes to your PC, including significant changes to the registry.

Instead of using Drumlin please switch to using DrumlinPublisher. It contains comparable functionality and is much easier to use – login with the username/password you use for AdminApp.

In order to continue using Drumlin you need to take the following steps:

  1. make a note of your existing username and password
  2. Run Drumlin and go to the Help menu, About… form and check the version is 6.008 or later. If it is an earlier version, download and install the latest version from our Drumlin downloads page: http://www.drumlinsecurity.com/downloads.html
  3. locate the APPDATA folder using Windows Explorer (you may need to tell Windows Explorer to show Hidden Folders), and within it the DRUMLINSECURITY folder and the Drumlin.reg file, which you should delete
  4. Send us an email with details of the userID you wish to retain (or the username) – we need to amend some details in your user record on our database in order to enable the re-registration with the same username/password and userID. We will confirm when this is done
  5. Run Drumlin and re-register with the username/password that you recorded in step 1, and it should allocate you the same userID you had previously
  6. Make sure that you also have the latest MS Windows versions of Javelin or JavelinPro installed, as these are required for Win10 compatibility

See also: System clock error message