Unable to open document, Error 10

The most likely reason for this error message is that the end user(s) are downloading a zip file to a Windows PC where the zip file contains a drmz or drmx file. The user is then trying to open this drmz file using Javelin from within the zip by double-clicking on it rather than extracting it first, and then opening the extracted drmz file. If drmz or drmx files are provided within a zip file the user must first EXTRACT the .drmz file to their DOCUMENTS folder, and then run Javelin and use the file menu, open… option to open the file from their DOCUMENTS folder. It will then ask for a code and it will be fine.

In the screenshot below this error message is displayed and from the right hand side of the image you can see that the file is actually being accessed from a compressed (i.e. zipped) folder, in which the compressed size of the file is shown as 15,842kb. By first using the EXTRACT option in the Windows File Explorer and placing the file in their Documents folder then opening it, the problem will be solved.