System clock error message

If an existing Javelin for Windows or JavelinPro for Windows user (or a user of a Windows exe file, which is essentially Javelin plus a drmx file) sees the following message:

Please check your system clock! Do you want to reset setup to use current system time? (Please note that all your documents will require new authorization!!)

it is caused by their PC having been “upgraded” to Windows 10, or a similar Microsoft OS update having been applied, and the version of Javelin they are running is earlier than 2.020. The solution is to download the latest version of the Javelin reader from our website (ideally Javelin3 rather than Javelin version 2), install it over the existing version, and the problem will be resolved. This “may” require the document or documents to be re-authorized, but if so they will be fine thereafter and will not require re-authorization again. The message is caused by a change to the way Microsoft handles the registry for 64bit PCs following the introduction of Windows 10.

For documents created using Drumlin as Windows exe files from drmx files, the same issue as above applies because exe files are essentially just the source drmx file with Javelin.exe wrapped around them. In this instance the recommended solution is not to issue exe files, but to issue the drmx or drmz file together with instructions to the end user on downloading the latest version of Javelin for Windows (or JavelinPro for Windows).