Secure PDFs with unlimited authorization codes/no code required?

Suppose you want to distribute a PDF document and you want the document itself to be secure (not copy-able or printable, for example), but you do not mind how many people have access to it. You may also be interested in how many people access the document, when and from where – i.e. simple tracking of usage. This can be achieved using our standard service for secure PDFs in several ways:

  1. Providing online access to a secured PDF with or without username/password login. If login is provided it can be set as guest access, e.g. with username “guest” and password “guest”. Providing username/password control enables an extended level of access control (if required) and additional logging of activity. The online solution is ideal for documents and catalogs or brochures with good graphics and large fonts – see our Managed Online page for more details
  2. Provide offline access (downloading of the secured PDF in our .drmz format) with a “universal” authorization code. The document can then be read by anyone with the code you provide and enables you to track which document was authorized with what code, when it was authorized, from what type of device, and from which IP address (i.e. location). We can provide a special code for any such documents (e.g. 2016abcde) with large number of usages, e.g. 1000+
  3. For Windows-only an exe file can be created that requires no code at all – obviously this has limited application because it is technology-platform specific. This option is completely free and can be created using Drumlin and a drmx files