An end user is have problems downloading .drmz files

In general users should have no problem downloading .drmz files to any OS environment, although some older versions of Safari on Mac OSX may have difficulties – there is a separate article discussing the Safari question. Both Javelin for Mac and Javelin for Windows include a built-in file downloading facility, so these will always work if you decide to use this approach. The other option is to make the files available within a zip file, and for PCs and Macs this format will work 100% of the time (unless the end user has local network or technical problems, which is outside the scope of our software and services to address). Of course with a zip file the end user will need to extract the drmz file from the zip but that is automatic on Mac OSX and on Win7 onward is provided as standard also (use the Extract all option button at the top of the File Explorer window)