JavelinPro usage with license files

JavelinPro has been superseded by Javelin3pro for most users – please refer to the Javelin3/Javelin3Pro documentation for more details of these readers:


JavelinPro for Windows has the same facilities of Javelin for Windows, plus facilities for user registration (user and device) offline registration if automatic online registration is not possible. With this additional information, it is then possible to issue user-specific license files for specific documentIDs. These can only be used by that particular registered user on that particular registered device and for that particular document.In general the issuing of license files is only available to Corporate/Pro service subscribers, although as an exception we may be prepared to create and issue a small number of licenses for a standard service subscriber, for example where a particular technical issue arises with one of their own clients (e.g. a secure government or financial institution).

Suppose that you have 3 JavelinPro users registered on our system – when they registered the system emailed us their registration details (for reference purposes). These Pro users are thus registered on our DRM server as ProUserIDs 1234, 1235 and 1236 for example. Assuming the standard kit version of JavelinPro has been used (rather than a bespoke one for your company), then their companyID is identified as 6. This value is the default companyID and means that they are initially registered to us. In order for these users to be registered to your company, so you can manage them and create license files for them, we have to amend the companyID on our database entry for each of these users to the companyID we have assigned to your company, e.g. companyID 456

For Corporate/Pro subscribers we assign then a CompanyID, e.g. 456, and then enable them for Corporate/Pro access to the AdminApp service administration program. An extra button will appear on AdminApp for the enabled user(s) when they next log in. It will enable them to see the three records assigned to you, i.e. these 3 ProUserIDs. Using AdminApp it will then be possible to use the Create License facility via the “Generate authcodes and Licenses button” to generate a license file for one or more of these three registered users for documents that you “own”. The license file together with the drmz file should then be provided to the user and both files saved in the same location on their PC, e.g. in their DOCUMENTS folder. The user then runs JavelinPro, opens the drmz file that has been saved in their Documents folder, and it will immediately open it because it can see that it has a valid license file for that document and that registered user and that device. For example, for documentID 55678 and userID 1235, the license file created would be 55678-1235.jvl. License files can include start and end dates or durations that over-ride the settings in the drmz file being viewed, enabling restrictions on access to be tailored to individual users with the same drmz file.

Additional notes: each new registration will be notified to us rather than you, so if you want a new user to be re-assigned to your companyID in order to provide them with a license file, you will need to notify us. If they are just using authcodes then there is no need to ask for the companyID to be re-assigned. In the longer term future, if your user base grows to >50 or so, then it may be worth having your own installation kit and cfg file, which will enable users to be automatically assigned to your companyID rather than manually changed by us.

Finally, we recommend creating drmz files rather than drmx files (drmz files are drmx files with the iPAD/Android compatible option ticked), as these are simpler to manage and have smaller authcodes, and are cross-platform. If the Save Settings option is selected in the Drumlin Publish.. function it will remember your default settings and use these for future secure file creation.