I am having problems choosing the print settings in Drumlin

For most purposes the following guidelines will help you choose the appropriate settings to enable printing of documents using Javelin for Windows or Javelin for Mac as the end user reader. Some of the settings provided within Drumlin for printing are historic and may only relate to cases where Drumlin itself is the end user reader, so please see the guidance below first:

  1. Set the option “Relaxed printing” as the default and use SAVE SETTINGS to retain the defaults you want. Relaxed printing works by identifying known printers, and was introduced to handle the non-physical connected devices such as HP’s airprint devices. Note that Javelin readers for mobile devices do not permit printing (no facilities for this are provided) because (a) printing in these environments is more difficult to control and provide technical support for in the case of problems, and (b) as these are mobile devices, they are essentially portable electronic print versions anyway
  2. For printing from PCs and Macs, set the Print#: -1 (which means unlimited) and the PrintPages#: <number of pages to print as maximum>, e.g. if you have a 100 page document and wish to allow it to be printed twice, then set Printpages#: 200 (or perhaps 250 for safety to allow for problems such as paper jams, ink running out etc). That way a user can print subsets which have no impact on the Print# count but do use up the available pages count. The usage details and settings can be viewed within Javelin via the File menu, Properties tab, DRM section
  3. If you are a publisher and have been experimenting using different settings for the same source PDF, so generated different versions of the file with the same documentID, and have authorized these using Javelin, you will need to use the Remove Authorization option in Javelin for the documentID in question to clear the stored details from your registry, otherwise it will remember whatever the settings were the first time you authorized that file. You can also manually remove the registry entry for that documentID, but the built-in facility is provided to assist you in doing this without running regedit
  4. If you are using dynamic watermarking on printed output this is quite tricky to get just as you want it (the facility is not ideal and font type and color are not selectable for Javelin, only size and position/orientation). What a number of our clients do is each time an order is placed, take the source file, make a copy of it (using the same filename, but placed in a separate sub-folder) and use Adobe Acrobat or similar to add a static watermark that includes any font style, orientation, color etc you want, including the user’s name etc. Then run Drumlin and re-generate the .drmz from that copy of the source and it will re-use the same documentID as before, so the same codes will work, but now the copy is personalized fully to that customer. If you use our automated (dynamic) watermarking we recommend that you use an orientation of 90 degrees so it is horizontal, and an offset from the top left that places the resulting watermark towards the top or bottom of the printed page. For registered users (Drumlin users, JavelinPro users) the dynamic field %u can be included in the watermark, which will then be automatically filled with the username of the person who registered that copy of the software