How large can PDF files be for using with Javelin?

Typically we recommend keeping the PDF file size below 50Mbytes and the number of pages below 2500. Larger files may or may not work, with usage on mobile devices being the most likely to have problems processing exceptionally large files. Large files can be split using Adobe Acrobat or other PDF file splitter software. The result will be multiple files, each of which will require separate conversion to secure format, and each will be assigned a separate document ID (docID) so each will need separate authorization (usage of “common codes” can simplify this process). It is also possible to combine multiple small PDFs into a single larger file, subject to the above filesize constraints. The advantage is that only one file needs to be distributed to end users and only one code is needed in order to authorize that file. Publishers are recommended to test these options thoroughly prior to deciding on the best approach. Combined files should include a navigation tree to make it easy for end users to locate each of the documents that have been combined. Adobe Acrobat provides this as a standard “combine files” operation. The filename of the combined files should be set to a distinct and meaningful name prior to converting to secure format using the Drumlin software.