Error while generating authCode

Authorization codes are generated in one of two way: when publishing a new secure file using Drumlin, and when using AdminApp to create a block of codes for use with a specific document. In the first case each time a new secure file is generated (or an existing secure file is updated)  the DRM service offers you a free code that may be used for testing. There is a quota on the number of free codes that are provided (for obvious reasons) so after a few publications are generated this error message may occur. For subscribers, if they request a reset, we will reset the quota to assist in ongoing testing. A similar problem may arise when using AdminApp, when either the number of codes that are being generated exceeds the allocated quota for the current subscription period or bundle quota allocation, or the current subscription period expires (e.g. on the anniversary of the date the subscription was taken out). In the latter case please email us and we will simply reset the subscription details (expiry date, ongoing quota level).