Drumlin re-registration

A question we often get asked is whether the same username/password can be used for two separate Drumlin registrations? This could be because a user wants to install Drumlin on multiple PCs, or because they have changed their PC or re-installed the operating system and no longer have their previous Drumlin installation.

The brief answer is “no”, in most instances. Typically if you install a new copy of Drumlin you must specify a different username for the new copy (e.g. if you had myname originally, you might choose myname1). Our system will assign you a new userID, which determines the ownership of any documents created by this new copy of Drumlin. If necessary we can re-assign ownership of your previous documents from your former userID to the new userID. The new username and password are then used as the login details for AdminApp. The only exception to this rule, at present, is if you have a backup copy of your Drumlin.reg and settings.cfg files, which are stored in your AppData folder:


If the Drumlin.reg and settings.cfg files are available, place these into the AppData directory above (ideally with the other files that were located there). In this case Drumlin will not require registration because it will find the details are already available.