Drumlin Publisher updates

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Drumlin Publisher version 032 introduced AdminApp functionality for the first time, enabling registered users of this package, who are also subscribers to the DRM service, to create authorization codes and license files, and to track usage. This functionality is provided via the Codes tab, and is only available for “customers” of the DRM service.

This makes Drumlin Publisher a “complete” one-stop facility for would be publisher of secure PDFs using the Drumlin DRM service. Additional features will be regularly added, with a built-in facility for filtering Activity log details being the first – this is accessed via the Activity Summary form and provides a quick way of locating specific information, such as use of a particular authorization code, among a large record set of activities. Please see the latest documentation (PDF file) for more details.

Users with older versions of Windows, e.g. Windows 7, may experience issues with out-of-date versions of dotNet… here is how one client resolved it on their computer (actually a Mac running Parallels):

“In case any of your other users have this issue, here’s how it went: I downloaded the Microsoft .NET Framework 4. Once installed, Drumlin Publisher (the current version) opened up. Interestingly, if you look at Control panel–>Programs–>Turn Windows Features on and off, it still says “.NET Framework 3.5.1”, even after restarting Windows. If I uncheck it, or leave it checked, your program still comes up. My conclusion is that “.NET Framework 4″ is installed somewhere else and is running in the background.” (Thanks for the feedback Gary!)