Do I need a special PDF reader to view secured documents?

Document protection with Digital Rights Management (DRM) ALWAYS requires a special reader, or add-in to otherwise more generic readers. This is true for ePUB and PDF alike, so a standard PDF reader (e.g. Adobe Reader) will not work – unless maybe you go to an Adobe-based service provider. With our standard system end users install our Javelin PDF reader on their preferred device (PC, Mac, Android device or iPAD at present) and open it using Javelin, which automatically asks them for an authorization code to enable that device for that particular document. The authorization code is transmitted to our DRM server in the UK and it checks the code, logs the detail, and then sends back information to enable the device for the document if all is OK. This is the essence of DRM protection – in broad terms this is how every DRM system works, although some send end users licenses and others require online registration of their software and device and financial service registration before files can be enabled. And without DRM there is no protection against file copying/sharing, so it is not on option to consider other approaches if copy protection is required