DIY services and System integration

Many publishers opt for the DIY service, whereby they use Drumlin to convert their documents, and then host the secured files on a server and perhaps sell these via an existing or new e-commerce facility. Third party digital distribution platforms can be used to provide this service functionality (e.g. and others), or a third party software product can be used (e.g. from Vibralogix), or a bespoke development can be undertaken. The latter is required if you want to integrate your distribution with an existing web framework (or new framework) on your own website with automated order-taking and distribution. Integration with content management systems (CMS) such as Moodle can also be carried out by your own website etam or contracted-in developers.

Typically converted files would be hosted on your own server – there is no need for them to be in a special location or to have time-expiring links to them, as they are encrypted files… but you can of course do this if you wish. In order to view one of these documents an end user needs three things:

  1. a copy of the free Javelin PDF reader for their technology platform – see for details
  2. a copy of the .drmz file in question; and
  3. a valid authorization code for that document

Authorization codes for .drmz files are 9 character text strings, all lower case and numbers. These codes are created via a manual process using a program called AdminApp. Having converted a set of files to .drmz format and stored them, an associated block of codes is needed for each file. For example, there might be 50 files, and 100 codes per file, which would be 5000 codes in total, stored as either a set of text files or maybe loaded into an SQL-type database and picked each time a customer places an order. The customer is then sent an email with instructions and the next available code for that document. When the number of codes drops below 10, say, the software should alert the provider that they need to load another block of codes for that particular publication.

Note that we only enable the AdminApp for customers, so if you decide you need to have access to all the facilities involved, you would need to arrange to become a customer, at the service level you require, and then we can make AdminApp available to you. Also note that to create the secure files you will need to download, install and register a copy of our free Drumlin software, as this is used to generate the .drmz files with the permission settings required.For small numbers of files and ad hoc updates/addition of new files, we can do the file conversions for you, without charge. We can also generate the blocks of codes you may need, again without charge, i.e. as part of our service offering. Alternatively, you can generate the files and send them to us for cross-platform testing if you wish.

With Drumlin installed the free software will allow you to create these secure files and will also provide you with free test codes for these when you generate them (if you create one file at a time). Free test codes are exactly the same as any other authcode but are set for 5x usage (i.e. usage on up to 5 separate devices) to aid in testing. Example emails for sending to users can be seen here: and here:

Please ask if you have any questions. If you are a developer and would like your company details to be available as recommended system integrators once you have completed the work, we would be happy to add you to our list when we have customer inquiries.