Code resetting

AdminApp can be used to reset codes from 0 to 1 or >0 to 0, as described in the AdminApp user guide. This facility is provided in order to enable publishers to disable a code once issued (by setting it to 0) or to re-enable a code that has a usage count of 0. The latter is purely for use when the end user has a technical problem, and not for general purpose re-enabling of codes. There is an initial quota applied to code resets, which can be renewed if used up by requesting this from us. In some circumstances resetting of blocks of codes can be requested by a publisher – such changes are implemented by us using SQL queries on the database, so are provided as a special service for which there may be a charge. Examples include re-assigning codes from one Drumlin user to another (e.g. when a new Drumlin installation is made), or resetting a large block of codes generated incorrectly by accident (e.g. with usage count of 1 when a usage count of 3 was the intended value).