Can I have more than one person registered to create files using Drumlin?

As far as creating secure files, you can have as many people doing this as you wish, but it is simplest if there is one main Drumlin installation because each such installation is assigned its own unique userID. If for some reason you have a technical problem with secure file creation, or have your key member of staff away for some reason, you can also ask us to convert a file for you and/or create codes for one or more files on your behalf.

When a registered user creates a new secure file Drumlin includes that userID within the secure file itself and also records this information on our DRM server as referring to a PDF document “belonging” to them. If you have a second or third person registered and creating secure files, they will have their own userIDs and as a result their documents will be owned by them. You can ask us to enable a facility in our AdminApp to re-assign files from one userID to another within your company, and that way all files would appear under the one userID, which helps when it comes to using the AdminApp program. This is because AdminApp asks for a username/password login, which is based on the username/password specified when registering for the Drumlin software – this essentially picks up the userID and allows that logged-in user to see the list of secure files they have created, and to generate authorization codes from this list, and to track usage of these codes. In summary, our recommended approach is to have a single Drumlin installation for creating files, and perhaps another one as backup if required.

Unlike Drumlin, AdminApp can be installed on as many PCs as you wish and each one can use it if they have the appropriate username/password for login. AdminApp does not need to be installed on the same machine(s) as Drumlin. This enables multiple users/administrators, for example, to login, create codes for files, track usage and generate reports. If you do have multiple Drumlin installations and are happy to login to separate username/password combinations (i.e. to the secure documents owned by separate userIDs) then that is fine also, and in some cases will be the preferred approach, but we will need to allocate code generation quotas (split across them) to both/all such registered Drumlin users.

If a user leaves or changes role, and you wish to have all their files and codes re-allocated to another user (existing or new), again you can ask us to assist in this process.