Can I download a drmz file from an https address?

Javelin for Windows and Javelin for Mac both provide a download function and these will automatically download a drmz file from any http:// or https:// address you enter. For example, the test file:

can be downloaded from within Javelin (Windows or Mac versions) – authorize with the code 123456789.

Downloads from https addresses are now supported directly by Javelin on iOS devices and on Android devices when using catalog files, as described below.

The ‘official’ way to download a secure (drmz) file from a website on mobile devices is to run Javelin, select the download icon on the home page, and enter the URL for the file, which at present assumes it is an http:// address. Now consider again the test file:

(which is one of our test documents with authcode 123456789) – Instead of directly downloading this file, if it is included in a “catalog” file, then it will work. Here is an example:

Open Javelin on the Android device, select the download icon on the home page, top right corner, and type in the (shortened) URL: (the full URL is but it is not necessary to type this in). The xml file is a very simple catalog containing one file, the testfonts.drmz file which would not download directly from an https address. The xml for this is shown at the end of this article. The xml file will download and appear as a catalog entry on the Javelin home page. You can then touch this catalog file to open it and the testfonts.drmz file link will be shown. Touch the cover for this test document and it will download and as soon as the yellow blob is shown against the file it is available to open (touch the cover to open it) and use the code 123456789 to open it. Downloading from Dropbox files (even with standard dl=0 type Dropbox URLs) is now supported.

For more details about catalog file creation, which can be done by anyone and stored anywhere/on any server even if the files are elsewhere, please see the Javelin for Android and Javelin for iPAD user guides and our knowledgebase article: – if an end user, e.g. a school, college, university or corporate, wants to host their drmz (and maybe other) files on a secure server then that is fine, as long as the xml catalog file is located on a standard http:// address – the files themselves can be placed on an https server anywhere. Finally, note that as with other files, drmz files can simply be sent to or copied to Android or iOS devices and opened with Javelin, and if placed in/copied to the Javelin folder, Documents subfolder (Shared folder on iOS), and will then appear on the Javelin home page.


<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″?>
<Name>Testfonts – Test Code: 123456789</Name>
<Subtitle>Sample secure PDF document </Subtitle>