Can an authorization code be cancelled/access to a document prevented, after the code has been used?

The way to do this is as follows: ask your customer to remove the file authorization from their system by opening the document in Javelin and then select the Tools menu, Remove authorization (in Javelin for Windows) or File menu, Remove authorization option (Javelin for Mac OSX), to remove the access permissioning from their system. Then email you when they have done this – you can then confirm it by looking at the Activity Summary in AdminApp and the Remove authorization details should be there. If they have done this you can refund them. For mobile devices the user can select the document and “long touch” it (holding their finger on the cover image) to see a pop-up menu of options, one of which is Remove authorization. Make sure that the code issued to them is reset to 0 usages if it is not already set to 0, so it cannot be re-used.

Remove authorization is a local function, in that it amends details relating the documentID in question from that user’s device. It does not delete the drmz file or amend/re-instate the usage count for that code on the central DRM database.

With JavelinPro and Drumlin as the end user software there is a greater level of control, as these include facilities for disabling documents remotely, subject of course to internet access being available from the end user’s device.