Branding of Javelin

Tailored/branded versions of Javelin are implemented on a platform-by-platform basis, because each OS platform is very different and has different costs associated with them.
Example “standard” branded apps for Windows and Android readers, developed for the training organization Academy147, can be downloaded and tested as follows:

Basic tailoring (branding) of the main Windows app can be done very simply and this is subject to a separate charge of $500 (GBP350). For Windows the branding facilities include the amendment of the program default icon, amendment of the About form, as illustrated below (logo, links and copyright text):
and the inclusion of a bespoke version of the “splash” display shown when Javelin starts with no PDF or secured PDF displayed. The splash is actually a PDF document embedded into the Javelin for Windows opening screen area – it can be a single of multi-page PDF, with or without links, promotional text, graphics/logos etc. An example, based on the default splash, is shown below, with a real-world example from Naper Publishing to follow:
See also our article on creating your own installation kits, as this provides a flexible, free and quick form of branding that can be used with or without a branded version of Javelin.
For other platforms it is very different – for Mac OSX the cost of a similar branding is GBP1000, including going through the Apple approval process and submission to their App Store. For Android, the app uses a third party library which adds a significant amount to the cost, so we can do this but it would cost GBP1500-GBP2000. For iOS it is more problematic because getting through their approvals process is often very time consuming and difficult – but there is no extra library costs for either OSX or iOS. For iOS the cost would be roughly Android, i.e. GBP2000. In all cases we also have to maintain and update each app as the OS and underlying code from the OS provider changes, so we charge 15% p.a. for this. In each of the cases we are talking about basic branding without any functional changes – functional changes that might apply include things like user registration, pre-loaded catalogs or documents, language variants etc., and can increase the cost significantly.