Authorizing and re-authorizing files with counter variables

A file that has permission settings that includes “counter variables” – i.e. a Views=nnn count or a Print=ppp count or a days=ddd count – all result in the initial count being stored in the registry (or an equivalent device facility), and then as the document is used the count decreases, e.g. View by View or Page by Page. When the count runs down to 0 the option to re-authorize message is displayed. If the authorization code is still available for use (e.g. it has a count > 0) then the end user can re-authorize with that code. Otherwise the code would need to be reset by the publisher using AdminApp or a new code issued to the customer. In either case the re-authorization event will be logged in the central activity log. If this does not work, e.g. with absolute dates or there is a problem for some reason, the user can select the Remove authorization option, which will clear the stored data completely, and then re-open and re-authorize the file. When a file is re-authorized all the counters are re-set to their original values as specified in the encrypted file.