Aerospace industry – a model for engineering business sectors?

Aerospace courseware and documentation: With almost all aerospace documentation now provided in PDF format, securing private and copyright material has never been more important. A large number of aerospace-sector businesses around the world are using offline and online PDF security solutions for their most critical material.

Applications include:

  • training courseware (flight training, engineering and maintenance training) – typically these are standard PDFs and Powerpoint presentations in PDF format pre-loaded or downloaded onto Android or iPAD tablets, and onto Windows or Mac laptops and desktops
  • technical manuals – typically these are proprietary manuals from manfacturers covering equipment operation and maintenance
  • procedures manuals and guides – a wide range of flight and operational procedures, including emergency procedures, checklists, HR documents and more

Delivery is to a range of devices, principally Android and iOS tablets, and Windows PCs. Similar applications are being used by our clients in other engineering industries, including the motor, telecommunications and oil sectors.