Javelin PDF Reader V2 release

Javelin PDF for Windows has just had a major upgrade – it is often the first of our PDF readers that publishers experiment with, so we have been working hard to provide a whole series of functional enhancements that customers have requested. The updates improve the functionality whilst retaining the speed of the reader and its tiny size. Further developments are planned for this year..

Please download and try the new version of Javelin for Windows – you can install this new version over the existing version you have – it will not affect your existing saved data or file authorizations. A User Guide in PDF format can be downloaded from the Documentation page of our website and is included in the new kit.

Changes for the new release (Javelin for Windows V2) include:

  • Annotation: probably the most frequently requested functional enhancement, this new release provides a simple annotation facility for pdf, drmz and drmx files (not exe files). Annotations are stored separately, in the same directory as the drmx/drmz file they apply to (the directory must be available for writing to, e.g. the Documents folder for the current user. A new tab section is provided in addition to the document outline/navigation tree tab which shows the note headings throughout the document (see screenshot below). These can be clicked to move the relevant page with the note displayed. Notes are added via right click with the mouse, clicking on the toolbar icon or via the Tools menu.

  • Enhanced zoom facilities: these include a drop-down zoom-level selection box, plus a new feature, marquee zoom (see screenshot, above). The latter feature enables you to select and area of the screen and zoom straight to that region. The special Marquee zoom icon is shown to the right of the drop-down zoom selector box. The Hand icon enables you to return to non-zoomed mode where you can drag the page around. A ‘ping’ is sounded if the zoom level exceeds a certain level. These features are similar to those provided within Adobe’s latest reader software
  • Extended support for Chinese, Korean, Japanese and other non-latin based systems. This enables certain regional variants of Windows to authorize secure PDF files without needing to switch to an English-language regional variant temporarily.
  • Support for extended character sets in navigation trees (outline/bookmark trees): navigation trees are of major value in electronic versions of ebooks and other documents. However, there are many variants of how these are implemented, and in some instances accented and other characters embedded in these trees mean that they do not link to pages as expected. With the latest updates such special and accented characters will now be processed and links established
  • Built-in file downloader: a new facility is available on the tools menu and toolbar (see above) to enable a file to be downloaded directly to Javelin and opened – currently .pdf, .drmz and .drmx files are supported
  • Properties option on the File menu, providing file properties for both PDF and DRM files.
  • Un-authorize option, with centralized logging: this is to enable an end user to demonstrate that they have removed access to a file from their system, even after initially authorizing it.
  • Activity log: Enhanced activity log information (available for viewing via the AdminApp) to identify the exact Microsoft Windows OS version and deviceID in use (all other OS variants are alresdy logged in this way)
  • Intelligent watermarking: Amendment of the %I field in the intelligent watermarking facility to specifiy the ID of the computer being used.
  • Extra security features: additional security features have been built into Javelin for Windows (more details available on request!).
  • Minor tweaks  – cosmetic and other minor changes
  • Windows tablet devices: the new MS Windows “Surface” tablets running Windows 8.1, for example, can be used with the latest versions of Javelin. The built-in keyboard and mouse or attached devices for keyboard and mouse operation should be used (not full touch screen support at present).

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