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Chrome web browsers:

As part of its ongoing security updates, Google are changing the way Chrome web browsers behave when links and other content elements are included on website pages. This may result in some websites, online services and links either not working or working partially. Below is a summary of the changes, which are significant (we have tried to ensure that our main websites comply with these changes, but if you spot a problem please let us know):
In Chrome 85 (released August 2020): Chrome will block mixed content executables (i.e. content that includes http:// web addresses rather than https://). Chrome will warn on mixed content archives (.zip) and disk images (.iso).
In Chrome 86 (released October 2020): Chrome will block mixed content executables, archives and disk images. Chrome will warn on all other mixed content downloads except image, audio, video and text formats.
In Chrome 87 (released November 2020): Chrome will warn on mixed content downloads of images, audio, video, and text. Chrome will block all other mixed content downloads.
In Chrome 88 (release due January 2021) and beyond, Chrome will block all mixed content downloads.
So, if you find your Chrome browser does not seem to do what you expect on some websites, let the service provider know and/or view the source and copy/paste the problem element and amend its URL by changing the http to https and try that in a new tab on your browser.

Online (web-based services provided via our WEBDOXX sites):

Magazines and double-spread books - New options for Magazine-style flipping page displays are now available - ideal for Magazines and documents designed for 2-page spread display. Please ask us for more details and demos
Powerpoint: Advanced high-quality support for Powerpoint file display is also now available, including fully functional transitions, animations, audio and video elements, notes etc. with secured access via our WEBDOXX user management and access control facilities. Please ask us for more details and demos
Scalability: WEBDOXX users now have the option to request a dedicated Cloud server site for large usage projects (for very large numbers of users and documents)
QR Codes security: Optional enhanced login security with One Time Passwords (OTP)/Two Factor Authorization (2FA) and Google Authenticator using QR codes

Offline services (full DRM services provided via our drumlinsecurity websites) :

Javelin3 for Android - Major update: our latest update on Google's AppStore now supports Android 10 latest updates and Android 11 with extended file browsing. Minimum Android version is now Android 5, and will be Android 6 for the next release.
Javelin3 for Mac - latest updates include enhanced app signing and a revised Help page with screenshots to assist installation. Full support for latest OSX release (10.15.7). Further updates to the notes facility will be announced shortly.
Javelin3 for Windows - latest update includes enhanced security and clearer messages. Further updates to the notes facility will be announced shortly.