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Home schooling

For all of us with children and/or grandchildren, home-based schooling has become the new normal. The availability of suitable online and downloadable learning materials, often accompanied by video tutorials, is a core factor in making home-schooling a practical reality. And even when primary and secondary schools return from the current pandemic, there is no doubt that much will be changed, with expectations of electronic delivery of books and courseware becoming the norm. There are many business models for the provision of such materials, ranging from free online access, to subscription services and one-time purchases, or a combination of all of these.
ONLINE: Web-based services for materials originally in PDF format, are ideal for such requirements - fast to deploy, highly scalable, easy to use and easy to support. Our PDF2HTML5 and WEBDOXX services are designed precisely for this kind of application. Publishers like Brighterminds and Wings Lernmedien have found this approach works very well for their materials.
OFFLINE: Where higher levels of security are required and/or the option for secure printing is needed, offline distribution is the preferred option. For these requirements our offline DRM services are available, with a wide range of service delivery options, and again, highly scalable solutions. These solutions use our free DrumlinPublisher software for publishers and Javelin3 PDF readers for end users (see further, below).
Publishers in many regions of the World are amongst those piloting and rolling out our online and offline services to students, parents and schools at this challenging time. For more details on any of these approaches please contact us.

Florence Nightingale bi-centenary

Florence Nightingale Bi-Centenary: As many of you will be aware, the remarkable Victorian lady, Florence Nightingale, was born in May 1820, 200 years ago this year. She went on to live to the impressive age of 90. She was not only a pioneer of nursing practice, but also of the collection and analysis of hospital data. This makes her contributions to the foundation of medical statistics, graphical communication, and data quality and accuracy particularly relevant in today's Covid-19 pandemic. Here in the UK, large-scale emergency "field hospitals" have been set up to treat patients of the virus, each of which is named a "Nightingale Hospital".
The Royal Statistical Society website has a great deal of advice on the use and abuse of Covid-19 statistics, and also has a special issue of the magazine they produce on the life and work of Florence Nightingale. You can see more details and extracts from the special issue at: this link.
For those interested in further reading, a wide range of information on statistical ideas and methods can be found on my "Statistics Reference" website, with free online access to the full text of the ebook here.
Statsref is an example of multi-channel publishing, with a free online HTML version, plus non-printable and printable secure PDF versions (using Drumlin Security's drmz file format and DRM service) and paperback and hard cover print versions available through Amazon. The print editions use a combination of Amazon's KDP electronic publishing service for the paperback edition and Ingrams/Lightningsource for the Hard cover edition. The master (source) material is managed in the HelpAndManual XML editing environment. For more details of this approach please contact us.

3. Javelin3 for Windows updates

The v3.01.27 release of Javelin3 and Javelin3Pro for Windows now includes personalized bookmarking - simply right click on a page to add a bookmark entry, which will then be available as a bookmark link in a new Bookmarks tab in the Sidebar - please see the Release Notes page for more details.