Online PDF Security

You can use our PDF2HTML5 automated service to publish your PDF documents on the web, as secured files which are then available for viewing via any modern web-browser. Examples are illustrated below. Page display can be single page with continuous scrolling, two page/flipbook style (ideal for Catalogs and Magazines), or in slide format. Files displayed can include a range of security features, including user access control and on-screen static and dynamic watermarks, and typically are set so that downloading and printing and content copying are disabled. For more details, including questions of pricing, implementation, and service management, please see the examples and descriptions below and the FAQs page on our PDF2HTML5 website

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File and Access Controls

You can enable access to the secured documents(s) by providing web links in emails or on web pages, or by using embedding (iframes) on your own website. PDF files that are uploaded and converted are made available by you for Public access or Private viewing. The source PDF files are deleted immediately after conversion so never remain on our server. Our web-based File Management and User Management facilities provide you with control over access to specific files for specific users and user groups. Converted secured filesets can be downloaded for use on your own servers. Bespoke variants of our automated facilities can be provided on our Managed Web Service platform,

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Cost effective services

  • Please contact us for full details of service availability and pricing; all are provided at highly competitive pricing
  • Online Services subscription publishers can request to be enabled for our offline services, with offline access to secured PDFs, Service Level 1, as part of their offline subscription. This facility is delivered via our DrumlinPublisher and Javelin offline reader software and our secure DRM platform and is subject to separate service fees
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File conversion

Automated upload and conversion


Upload your PDFs, Convert them to our encrypted HTML5 format for online viewing, with optional username/password access control, usage tracking and converted fileset download. Your PDF files are not retained on our servers, so the source PDF remains secure

User management

Access control and Tracking with Javelin/Sitelok


Access control to secured documents can be provided via username/password entry. Users ("members of the service") can be pre-registered (manually or via file upload) and passwords issued by the publisher to their own customers, or users can be allowed to self-register, e.g. as guests or for specific services

File management

File Listing and Access Control

File management

The standard file listing shows all the documents uploaded by the currently logged in user, in date order (most recent first). Links are provided to enable the converted files to be viewed in a separate tab, and to download a zipped fileset of the HTML5 converted files. This fileset can then be unzipped and placed on a local device or server for display via its index page