Demo mp4 videos

These short video-demonstrations are not fully up-to-date but provide illustrations of the main offline DRM software and service usage (mp4 format). For all platforms (except iOS) the current version of the Javelin readers is called Javelin3 and these are the preferred versions for end users

video demo1. Creating a secured PDF: Using DrumlinPublisher for Windows
video demo2. Authorizing and viewing a file similar to that created in step 1: Javelin3 for Windows
video demo3. Viewing and navigating a secure PDF: Javelin for Mac OSX (see videos 8 and 9 for Javelin3 for MacOS)
video demo4. Using the Admin utility: AdminApp authcode creation and usage tracking - no longer required but remains a convenient utility
video demo5. Creating a downloadable catalog for mobile devices: Editing using Notepad++
video demo6. Mobile apps and catalogs: Javelin3 for Android
video demo7. Mobile apps and catalogs: Javelin for iPAD/iPhone
video demo8. Catalogs: Javelin3 for Mac - using catalogs
video demo9. Downloading from a web site: Javelin3 for Mac - using direct downloading