Please follow these instructions to install the Javelin for Android app v1.01.06 on your Android phone or tablet. Note: The steps below should take less than 30 seconds per device. Use this procedure for Amazon Kindle Fire devices and similar "special/non-standard" Android variants and devices (e.g. Chromebooks with Android support) - this "should" work OK but no guarantees!

1 Confirm Your Device Allows Installation of the Javelin reader

Open Settings and navigate to Unknown sources option (under Applications or Security depending on your device - see image below).

Android settings

If Unknown sources is already checked/ON, you can skip this step.

If unchecked, tap the checkbox and then tap OK on the confirmation popup or set or the option button to ON.

2 Download the Javelin reader

From your Android phone or tablet, or from your PC or Mac, visit: to download the javelin program

3 Install the Javelin reader

When the download is complete, if it has been downloaded from your Android device, open your notifications and tap Javelin.apk. If it has been downloaded to a PC or Mac then attach your mobile device to your PC or Mac, copy the javelin.apk across (e.g. to your "Android" folder on your mobile device) and then use a file browser on yur Android device or a free app (e.g. the free ES Files app from Google Play or the Amazon app store) on the mobile to:

  • Tap Install
  • Tap Open
  • That’s it!

The following screenshot shows a typical PDF displayed within the Android reader

Javelin for Android