Zip file information


Zip files

Zip files are a widely used form of file compression. There are many providers of software that supports zipping and unzipping files and folders. For advice on this from Microsoft see theirzip file page. Free zip/unzip utilities are available from many providers, for example7-ziporWinAce

Drumlin DRMX, DRMZ and EXE files can be distributed as zip files, self-extracting zip files or using a simple installer program. In general we do not recommend that publishers provide EXE only files for download or by email, as desktop security software will often disable or delete such files as a precautionary measure (this can usually be temporarily turned off, for example with the latest Norton software, by turning off what it calls "download intelligence"). DRMX and DRM files can be provided as direct links, or zipped, whichever is preferred.

Zip files have other advantages for file distribution: (i) multiple files, of various types if ncessary, can be included within a single zip file. This enables a bundle product comprising these various files, explanatory documents as PDF or Text files, to be included within a single file; (ii) web browsers recognize zip files and immediately try and download them rather than possibly getting confused by the file type or what action to take - this particularly applies to Safari; (iiii) zip files are generally smaller than the oroginal files, thus reducing download times

Having downloaded a zip file, the contents should be "extracted" to a convenient directory and then the file can be opened using Javelin for PC or Javelin for Mac.