When I try and download a drmz file using Safari on my Mac OSX computer I get all sorts of text over my screen instead of a file download

This appears to a problem with some versions of Safari on Mac OSX when downloading such files from a Linux-based web server. Solutions: There are several solutions to this problem. Perhaps the simplest is to go to the Safari browser, Windows menu, and select the Downloads window. Then drag the download link to the downloads window and the file will download; another option is to hold the ALT or Option key down when the link is accessed, and this should result in the file being downloaded rather than displayed in the window; if the file is downloaded and displayed as a messy set of text on screen, when the file has apparently completely downloaded you can go to the Safari File menu, Save As option, as save the file using Format: Page Source and Export As.. and then choose SAVE (but don’t ask for a .txt extension to be added). The file should be saved OK and can be opened using Javelin; Ask your publisher provider to make the file available in a zip file and this will definitely work; Ask the publisher to host the file on a Windows server, with mime type set for DRMZ files, and again this will work OK