Using the Download facilities within Javelin

All the Javelin readers include a built-in downloader facility. The template email below provides a summary of how this facility can be presented to end users as a simple and reliable mechanism for obtaining a secured drmz file. Because the users type the filename into the download field it is a good idea to make the filename as short and simple as possible, and host it on a server that is has a short name. Our customers can ask us to host drmz files for them, for example on our and website. We have test files you can try this out on, for example: (authcode is 123456789)

note that it is not necessary to use http://www. at the start of the web address – for https:// addresses see our separate article on this topic.



There are three steps required in order to view the xxxxxxxxxxxxxx special PDF document. Please follow the steps provided below, and contact us if you have any problems.

Step 1: Download and install the free special PDF reader called Javelin. For Windows computers please use the Javelin Downloads page: (instructions for downloading and installing Javelin are provided on that web page). For Android and iOS (iPAD and iPhone) select the APP STORE option on your device, search for the Javelin PDF reader and install it from the app store.

Step 2: Run Javelin, and look for the download icon on the toolbar/top of the screen (a downward facing arrow)


or use the menus (PC: use the Tools menu, Download… option; Mac: use the File menu, Download … option) and a download box will be shown. Click in the input field (PCs and Macs) or touch it (Android and iOS devices) and type in the download address: yyyy/zzz.drmz and select DOWNLOAD to automatically download the special pdf. When it has finished downloading it will ask if you would like to open the file – select OK/YES and it will prompt you for an authorization code which will be checked over the internet.

Your code is: XXXXXXXXXX

Step 3. Copy/Paste the code or type it into the field and select OK to have the details checked. The file should then open and you can view it. Use the CONTENTS button (mobile devices) or the Outline/Contents list shown on screen to navigate to the sections of the ebook