Mac OSX error message: Unable to retrieve data from server

There are two possible explanations, assuming that the user has placed/dragged the drmz file into their Documents folder on their Mac computer and used the JavelinM file menu, Open… option to open the file from this location and enter the authorization code. Please make that this has been done. Then the other possibilities are:

  1. At the time the user did this the central DRM service was unavailable for some reason, for example due to temporary service outage, which is rare but does happen occasionally, in which case simply trying again a short time later will work, or
  2. The user is located in a network environment (e.g. a school or college) that is blocking access to or from our DRM server. This is not uncommon in some environments. It explains what to do about this on the Javelin downloads page, and in this Knowledgebase system, where there is an article on this that includes similar information to that provided on the downloads page