Javelin will not authorize a document due to network connection problems

If you wish to use Javelin on a PC or Mac connected to a large corporate network please check the following notes and if necessary, contact us for assistance:

(i) We recommend that the following link is added to your corporate proxy server list in order to enable access to our DRM web service: http://www.drumlinsecurity.co.uk/Service.asmx – a simple way of checking is to test a sample file (e.g. testfonts.drmz) to see if this procedure is OK;

(ii) Try using the File menu, Connections settings facility in Javelin to set your Proxy server details – this resolves the access problem on some sites, but not all!

(iii) for one- off usage consider authorizing the file on a mobile device or laptop off site (e.g. at home), where the corporate network restrictions do not apply – for online authorization access is only required for a few seconds, and then the device is enabled and no longer requires this form of network access;

(iv) The Corporate/Pro edition of Javelin (JavelinPro) does not require access to this online facility (see further, below) because it can accept “license files” that enable a document instantly for a given registered user and device.Please ask us about this service if you are unsure.

JavelinPro: Unlike the standard edition, the Pro option provides support for license-based document authorization, with no requirement for online connection. This means that corporate customers, including secure sites, can be enabled to view documents without requiring the end user to do anything other than open the document in the JavelinPro PDF reader. JavelinPro requires registration, which can be automatic or manual – the latter option provides for cases where network restrictions prevent online registration. Currently this is a solution and service specifically designed for corporate customers, with end users having MS Windows-based computers and/or Mac OSX computers running Windows under Parallels virtualization alongside OSX.