I get thin black or grey lines showing on PDFs when read with Javelin, but they are OK in Adobe reader

There may be two separate issues here: (i) check you are using the latest version of Javelin from our website – if not, please download the latest version as this may resolve the problem – if not, try running Javelin for Windows with the command line option -R6 and see if the problem goes away; (ii) if you create a PDF from an Office 2007 or Office 2010 file using Microsoft’s Save as PDF function it will display black boxes around links on the Mac version of Javelin (pre OSX 10.7). This can be solved by creating the PDFs with Adobe Acrobat X or later, as this creates correctly formatted PDF files. If in doubt, open the file you generate on the Mac using the Mac Preview program, and if it works OK on this software it will work OK in Javelin for Mac