Can I open a secured drmz file from an email attachment and/or web link?

The basic answer to this is “yes”, but for PCs and Mac computers we do not recommend this because it will open the file in a temporary file location that will be subsequently deleted by the operating system, and in most cases it will not keep the authorization details, so next time it will ask for an authorization code again. On iPADs, iPhones and Android devices (tablets and phones) it may well work because they often download the file correctly as part of this process. For example, on iPADs and iP{hones with iOS9 and later if you try opening an email attachment that is a .drmz file and you have Javelin v2.0 or later installed, it will ask if you would like to copy the file to Javelin. If you confirm, then go to the Javelin app and open it, the file copied will be found on the Home page of the app. Then simply touch the document cover to open it, and authorize the file with a valid authorization code and you are good to go.