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Important News Updates

V5.1 release - up until 4th Feb 2012 - seerelease notesfor latest updates

  • Support for on-screen "intelligent watermarking" in addition to print watermarking
  • Support for print scaling - new tab for selecting scaling model (Click and Go version)
  • Improved image zooming quality

23rd December 2010: Support for "number of days viewable" is now provided in the Drumlin Publishing function. The number is computed from the first date the file is viewed up until the number of days has expired (e.g. 3 days). A DRMX or EXE file that has expired can be re-authorized with a newly provided authorization code in order to re-activate it for a further period of days

23rd December 2010: Two new variants of the "Click and Go" reader are now supported in the main Drumlin File menu, Publishing option (Create exe), making three variants in total:

  • the option to create an exe file that requires authorization using an authorization code and uses the DRM facility to check this (i.e. as at present)
  • the option to create an exe file that is authorized offline, so does not require an online connection via the internet. This option requires the end user to enter a username and their email address when they run the exe, and then provide an authorization code delivered to them from the publisher (which is checked locally, not remotely). This authorization code is generated by the publisher from the tools menu, Calculate Hash... option. It asks for the DRMX file to be authorized, the username and email to be used, and generates the code required based on this information. Note that only DRMX files created by the publisher in question can be used to generate these codes
  • the option to create an exe file that does not require authorization, i.e. is simply run by the end user

1st December 2010: Click and Go proxy server support added, plus improved robustness of Click and Go registration process - an updated kit is now available on the UK server.

17th November 2010: 64bit Win7 problem fixed - an updated kit is now available on the UK server. After completing this, users will need to re-create any "click and go" exe files by selecting "Publish|Create EXE..." - this time with the new BIN file. The existing DRMX files can be re-used. The new BIN file also now supports the "disable screen capture" option in drmx files. Newly created EXE files will be compatible with 64bit Windows7 operating systems.

15th Nov 2010: Important Note - some users with Win7 and 64 bit environments have reported problems with network access when using the latest software. This issue is currently being investigated

12th Nov 2010: A minor issue with creating "Click and Go" exe files using the new V5 release has now been fixed (12th Nov). However, please report any faults you identify to us so we can ensure the production release is as robust as possible - thank you

We apologise for the delay and any inconvenience that this may have caused you.

Thank you - Drumlin Support

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