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Teaching and Training course materials are highly valuable assets: documents including course notes, exercises, powerpoint presentations and technical manuals in PDF format need protecting. It is important they cannot be copied, plagiarised or fall into the wrong hands. We can deal with this requirement in an extremely simple and cost-effective manner. Training organizations represent over 50% of our clients, so we are well versed in the special needs of such organizations. Our clients cover a wide range of commercial sectors: Aircraft Maintenance, Vehicle maintenance, Flight training, Pipeline engineering, IT training, School books and teacher's course materials, Summer Camps, Medical specialisms, Marine and Boating, Financial services, TV engineering, Language courses... and many many more. A selection of clients are shown below:

Boson IABM Academy147 Jee
AES Olympic Airways inceptra NK Institute
vigilance EPI

Our solutions involve protecting your PDFs by converting them to our highly secure format. This only takes a second or two and can be carried out by yourselves or by us on your behalf using our free Drumlin Publisher software. This makes sure the files are protected against copying, printing, use beyond specified dates, forwarding to others etc.

Different types and sizes of training organizations and educational establishments have very different requirements - in terms of student numbers, geographical spread, technology, expectations and budgets - we have a range of simple an effective solutions based on our standard free software and associated services that ensure the entire process is quick and effective, with minimal end user or service hosting issues. We also can provide e-commerce services where materials are sold rather than distributed to course attendees, and for several clients we have produced branded versions of our end user software, to enhance their specific offerings. Examples of such branded versions of our special PDF readers are available on request and via the various appstores for mobile devices/tablets). A number of clients even pre-load courseware onto tablets and distribute these rather than print versions as part of the course).

To view the secured PDF files on a PC, Mac, iPAD, iPhone or Android device the students or course attendees use our freeJavelin PDF Reader. Access to the secured PDFs requires input of an authorization code, which is checked on our Digital Rights Management (DRM) server. This prevents copying or onward distribution of your PDFs or re-use of the code provided by third parties. We also offer online services, securing PDFs that can then be accessed via a web browser, with or without user login controls. You can via examples of online PDFs here.

  • PDF files can be created from Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, Powerpoint presentations (e.g. as slides or handout format) and many other formats, and these may then be secured using the standard Drumlin PDF reader/publisher facilities
  • Students can be supplied with a set of files on CD, USB stick or via Web download or using a course or learing management system (CMS/LMS) such asMoodle
  • Software supplied by us can be branded to match corporate logos, weblinks and preferred language etc
  • Usage restrictions may be applied to these files - no printing, or perhaps "print once with user-specific watermarking", no copying of text etc., expires at the end of the semester etc.
  • Students are issued with authorization codes, one for each document, so their access to the files and their usage can be tracked centrally
  • Course lecturers can use the Full screen mode on theJavelinPDF readers (Windows andf Mac versions) for presentations, using a mouse or a remote controller for a digital projector
  • Training rooms and/or specific devices (e.g. tablets) can be set up with files pre-loaded, ready for use
  • Reports on usage can be generated, tailored to customer's requirements, via our DRM service.
  • Web Hosted PDFs for training applications, i.e. courseware can be provided for clients not wishing to have a large number of separate files distributed to many students - access control systems can ensure only those files that are appropriate for a student/course are displayed

For more details pleaseemail uswith your requirements