Store: Products, Services and pricing


Products and Services Pricing Information

DIY and Managed Services pricing is from from $99/m (£75/m) depending on the scale of service required. Pleaseemail us with a description and scale of your requirements in terms of the estimated number of PDF documents you aim to securely distribute to end users/customers per annum and we will reply to your enquiry on the same day if possible.

Payment methods and refunds

Worldpay Card Payments

A wide variety of cards may be used to purchase one-time bundle options and monthly or annual subscriptions (e.g. Visa, Mastercard, Amex)

Paypal Account and Card Payments

Payment can be made via PayPal, and may be made by card or PayPal account. You do not need a PayPal account to make a payment.

Bank transfer Payments

Payments can also be made by national or international bank transfer. International bank transfer payments are typically only used for larger sums, such as one-time purchases and annual subscriptions. Please email us for details


Purchasers may request a refund at any time during the first month following a purchase if the product or service provided does not meet their expectations or needs. Any unused authorization codes or licenses issued to the customer at that point may be disabled and continued use of the Drumlin Security services will no longer be permitted, except for usage by end users already authorized for such usage