Release Notes - 2017 onward

Drumlin/DrumlinPublisher, AdminApp and Javelin (Windows and Mac software) News and Updates. The latest versions of the free Javelin PDF readers and DrumlinPublisher software can be downloaded from the main Downloads page: . Please see below for details of the latest updates

Javelin3 for Mac OSX 10.10 and later - June 15th 2018

  • Major update with build now supporting OSX 10.10 onward
  • Catalogs now now supported forr OSX 10.12.4 onward (for pre-10.12.4 the catalog menu item is not displayed)
  • Several minor updates to security, printing and help messages

Javelin3 and Javelin3Pro for Windows - February 16th 2018 ( March 8th 2018)

  • Catalog support added - see new Javelin3 for Windows User Guide and the new Catalog guide on the Documentation page (select via the HELP menu) for full details
  • Printing enhancements: auto-page rotation for mixed format files (size and orientation); warning when opting to print all pages for large files (>100 pages); minor amendments to user interface
  • Improved search field on main toolbar
  • Amended drop-down zoom field and marquee zoom selector - minor bug fixes
  • Improved annotation icon and note field operation
  • Minor changes to activity logging
  • 077 version includes support for Ctrl+F for actioning text search, removal of the drop down facility in the top toolbar - the lower toolbar already includes this facility)

Javelin3 for Mac OSX 10.12.4 and later - September 15th 2017

  • Minor update to display of watermarks on printed output for 2-line angled watermarks

Javelin3 and Javelin3Pro for Windows - May 15th 2017/ June 6th 2017/July 13th 2017/September 8/12/14 2017 / November 20th 2017

  • Presentation mode added
  • Additional printer variants added (v, v3.0.0.47, v3.0.0.51 )
  • Improved accuracy in print watermark positioning (v, v3.0.0.49)
  • Remote Desktop (RDP) support enhanced (v
  • Logging improvements and clarification of the Remove Authorization function (v

Javelin3 for Mac OSX 10.12.4 and later - May 12th 2017

  • New release of Javelin for Mac, for OSX 10.12.4 and later only
  • Functional changes: Markup and Annotations elements re-implemented as Apple library versions no longer work and changes to Apple's library are not documented

DrumlinPublisher v058, April 18th 2017/ v060 November 20th 2017

  • Major enhancements to DrumlinPublisher to provide command line operation - see updated documentation on the Documentation page for details
  • Minor changes to the Codes tab to handle resizing of the application (v060)

Javelin3 and Javelin3Pro for Windows - March 1st 2017, March 20th 2017

  • Improved offline registration options, with new web-based manual registration facility
  • Fixed problem with drmx file handling - or later required for this fix

DrumlinPublisher v054, February 3rd 2017

  • Major enhancements to DrumlinPublisher to provide new Personalization tab - see updated documentation on the Documentation page for details
  • New watermarking elements - %1, %2 and %3 and %| (vertical bar) - the former are for personalization, the vertical bar is to insert a new line in a watermark

Javelin3 and Javelin3Pro for Windows - February 3rd 2017

  • New toolbar icons for markup and annotations
  • Tooltips for annotations added, plus automatic removal of null/empty annoations
  • Support for Mac addresses when deviceID unavailable in Pro version
  • Added robustness and error trapping
  • Support for new %| (vertical bar) field in screen and print watermarking - this enables two line watermarks

Javelin3 and Javelin3Pro for Windows - January 19th 2017 (updated Jan 24th 2017)

  • New support for line feed in watermarks for Javelin3/Javelin3Pro: %| (vertical bar)
  • Fix for issues when offline registering and no discernable internet connection present
  • Support for standard Adobe-style PDFs with Open Password security

Javelin for Mac release - Jan 10th 2017 (DMG file - not on AppStore - use for Sierra OSX 10.12) - 1.01.05 version released 25th Feb 2017

  • OSX 10.12 support with backward compatibility for earlier OSX versions - note that this version includes improved print and watermark handling, revised text searching, and no thumbnails (Outlines are supported)

Javelin3 and Javelin3Pro for Windows, Drumlin Publisher 1.046 - December 2016

  • Javelin3 and Javelin3Pro for Windows fully released (versions
  • The Javelin3 and .022 updates and Javelin3Pro release includes: status bar at foot of screen, drmx support (only drmz files were supported until this release), enhanced license file date expiry support, enhanced on-screen and on-print intelligent watermarking, improved screen capture control, support for new dynamic watermarking fields for Pro edition: %n - firstname; %l - last name and %e - email address. Currently %u for Javelin3Pro will display all of these as a single string for compatibility with non-Pro editions.
  • 3.0.024 and 025 release includes additional printer support plus Universal Time synchronization for date/time variables
  • DrumlinPublisher 1.046 release includes specification of the color and opacity of fonts used for synamic watermarking. These are already supported by current releases of Javelin for Windows and for Mac