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Drumlin/DrumlinPublisher, AdminApp and Javelin (Windows and Mac software) News and Updates

News - the latest versions of the free Javelin PDF readers and DrumlinPublisher software can be downloaded from the main Downloads page:

Please see below for details of the latest updates

Javelin3 for Mac OSX 10.10 and later - June 15th 2018

  • Major update with build now supporting OSX 10.10 onward
  • Catalogs now now supported forr OSX 10.112.4 onward (for pre-10.12.4 the catalog menu item is not displayed)
  • Several minor updates to security, printing and help messages

Javelin3 and Javelin3Pro for Windows - February 16th 2018 ( March 8th 2018)

  • Catalog support added - see new Javelin3 for Windows User Guide and the new Catalog guide on the Documentation page (select via the HELP menu) for full details
  • Printing enhancements: auto-page rotation for mixed format files (size and orientation); warning when opting to print all pages for large files (>100 pages); minor amendments to user interface
  • Improved search field on main toolbar
  • Amended drop-down zoom field and marquee zoom selector - minor bug fixes
  • Improved annotation icon and note field operation
  • Minor changes to activity logging
  • 077 version includes support for Ctrl+F for actioning text search, removal of the drop down facility in the top toolbar - the lower toolbar already includes this facility)

Javelin3 for Mac OSX 10.12.4 and later - September 15th 2017

  • Minor update to display of watermarks on printed output for 2-line angled watermarks

Javelin3 and Javelin3Pro for Windows - May 15th 2017/ June 6th 2017/July 13th 2017/September 8/12/14 2017 / November 20th 2017

  • Presentation mode added
  • Additional printer variants added (v, v3.0.0.47, v3.0.0.51 )
  • Improved accuracy in print watermark positioning (v, v3.0.0.49)
  • Remote Desktop (RDP) support enhanced (v
  • Logging improvements and clarification of the Remove Authorization function (v

Javelin3 for Mac OSX 10.12.4 and later - May 12th 2017

  • New release of Javelin for Mac, for OSX 10.12.4 and later only
  • Functional changes: Markup and Annotations elements re-implemented as Apple library versions no longer work and changes to Apple's library are not documented

DrumlinPublisher v058, April 18th 2017/ v060 November 20th 2017

  • Major enhancements to DrumlinPublisher to provide command line operation - see updated documentation on the Documentation page for details
  • Minor changes to the Codes tab to handle resizing of the application (v060)

Javelin3 and Javelin3Pro for Windows - March 1st 2017, March 20th 2017

  • Improved offline registration options, with new web-based manual registration facility
  • Fixed problem with drmx file handling - or later required for this fix

DrumlinPublisher v054, February 3rd 2017

  • Major enhancements to DrumlinPublisher to provide new Personalization tab - see updated documentation on the Documentation page for details
  • New watermarking elements - %1, %2 and %3 and %| (vertical bar) - the former are for personalization, the vertical bar is to insert a new line in a watermark

Javelin3 and Javelin3Pro for Windows - February 3rd 2017

  • New toolbar icons for markup and annotations
  • Tooltips for annotations added, plus automatic removal of null/empty annoations
  • Support for Mac addresses when deviceID unavailable in Pro version
  • Added robustness and error trapping
  • Support for new %| (vertical bar) field in screen and print watermarking - this enables two line watermarks

Javelin3 and Javelin3Pro for Windows - January 19th 2017 (updated Jan 24th 2017)

  • New support for line feed in watermarks for Javelin3/Javelin3Pro: %| (vertical bar)
  • Fix for issues when offline registering and no discernable internet connection present
  • Support for standard Adobe-style PDFs with Open Password security

Javelin for Mac release - Jan 10th 2017 (DMG file - not on AppStore - use for Sierra OSX 10.12) - 1.01.05 version released 25th Feb 2017

  • OSX 10.12 support with backward compatibility for earlier OSX versions - note that this version includes improved print and watermark handling, revised text searching, and no thumbnails (Outlines are supported)

Javelin3 and Javelin3Pro for Windows, Drumlin Publisher 1.046 - December 2016

  • Javelin3 and Javelin3Pro for Windows fully released (versions
  • The Javelin3 and .022 updates and Javelin3Pro release includes: status bar at foot of screen, drmx support (only drmz files were supported until this release), enhanced license file date expiry support, enhanced on-screen and on-print intelligent watermarking, improved screen capture control, support for new dynamic watermarking fields for Pro edition: %n - firstname; %l - last name and %e - email address. Currently %u for Javelin3Pro will display all of these as a single string for compatibility with non-Pro editions.
  • 3.0.024 and 025 release includes additional printer support plus Universal Time synchronization for date/time variables
  • DrumlinPublisher 1.046 release includes specification of the color and opacity of fonts used for synamic watermarking. These are already supported by current releases of Javelin for Windows and for Mac

Javelin3 for Windows - Initial release, October 2016, Updates November 2016

  • Javelin3 for Windows is a completely new, re-written version of our Javelin for Windows readers. A Javelin3Pro edition will be available shortly
  • The 3.012 update (2nd Nov) handles a minor bug when printing files with page number to print restrictions; 3.033 fixes an issue with strict versus relaxed printing

Javelin for Windows/JavelinPro for Windows 033, 034 - 9th September 2016, 15th September 2016

  • Javelin for Windows and JavelinPro for Windows updates with minor enhancements to their operation and security (amended handling of MS smartscreen background process)
  • The 034 update (15th Sept) checks for incorrectly embedded fonts, which could result in javelin crashing during searches of some large documents

DrumlinPublisher v041, 042, 044, 045 - 5th September 2016, updated 8th Sept 2016 v042 and updated 15th Sept 2016 v044 and again on 26th September v045

  • In response to customer feedback, filtering is now enabled on the Activity Summary for any selected documentID
  • Filtering/searching is now also included in the Codes summary listing - useful when you have a very large number of codes to check)
  • Where a customer setting allows for codes with usage count/counter >5, this can now be set and will take effect in DrumlinPublisher as per AdminApp 061 - this feature was not enabled in DrumlinPublisher 032
  • The v044 update (15 Sept 2016) corrects an error message reported by DrumlinPublisher when free authorization codes are issued for newly generated secure files in cases where the PC on which DrumlinPublisher is currently installed is different from the one on which it was originally installed - confusing eh, but fixed now!
  • The v045 update (26 Sept 2016) corrects an error where a secure file with >999 pages did not have watermarks included for larger page numbers

DrumlinPublisher v032, Javelin for Windows/JavelinPro for Windows 032 - 23rd August 2016

  • Major enhancements to DrumlinPublisher to include AdminApp functionality via a new Codes tab - please see the updated Documentation for full details. Most customers will no longer need to use AdminApp
  • Javelin for Windows and JavelinPro for Windows updates with minor enhancements to their operation and security

AdminApp v061 - 12th June 2016

  • Support for counter value setting on authcodes with values greater than 5 - requires enabling by the Drumlin team for selected users (v060 and earlier versions do not have this facility enabled)

Javelin for Mac release - 12th June 2016 (not yet on AppStore)

  • Bug fix - close menu and app closing did not prompt for saving annotation and markups - now these are prompted for and saved if required

DrumlinPublisher - Initial Release - May 20th 2016, Updated - latest version is 1.00.011

  • DrumlinPublisher is a new program that includes all the core functionality of the PUBLISH facilities in Drumlin, without the same constraints on installation or the complexity of use. It is fast, small and very easy to use
  • v011 provides support for selection of Days to View with values up to 999 days (in Drumlin it was limited to 365 days, in DrumlinPublisher v010 and earlier it was limited to 200 days)
  • v010 provides support for selection and publishing of multiple files in one pass, without requiring separate permissioning for this facility (v009 and earlier versions did not support this option for all users)

JavelinPro and Javelin for Windows, 2.029 (Mar 30th 2016), 2.030 (April 23rd 2016)

  • Note: For JavelinPro license file users v2.030 should be used, not v2.029. This fixes a problem with license file date expiry handling in 2.029
  • Clipboard is cleared only when Javelin or JavelinPro has focus, rather than globally
  • Counter expiry handling improved. When print counters expire users have option to re-authorize. If they select yes then the file is automatically de-authorized (the same as the Tools menu option, Remove authorization) and they are then prompted to re-authorize with a new code or the same code if it has been reset from a usage count of 0. If they do not opt to re-authorize they will still be able to view their file but not print it. A new warning message explaining this is now included when the print count expires. If the user asks to re-authorize and does not provide a new code the file will no longer be viewable.
  • New command line option added -XM which displays the screen without the menu items (just the toolbar). This provides a slightly larger screen display whilst hiding the menu items if they are not required
  • Out by one error on registration details for JavelinPro last custom field corrected

AdminApp v060 - Mar 30th 2016

  • New functionality includes a facility to define license files with a "Number of days to view" as well as start and end dates. This facility requires the use of JavelinPro 2.030 or later

AdminApp kit - Feb 18th 2016

  • New functionality includes facilities to define a minimum and maximum number of codes that can be generated at a single time, and to vary the maximum usage count from the default of 5 to any value.

JavelinPro for Windows, 2.027 (Feb 13th 2016)

  • Add logging of ProuserID and CompanyID into Activities table (available within the Summary section of AdminApp) when authorizing documents via codes
  • Add command line support relating to clipboard handling (details available on request) plus additional capture program checks. Default operation is clipboard disabled for files specified as no screen capture
  • license files can now also be in the appdata folder: %APPDATA%\DrumlinSecurity\Javelin - the program first checks in the document's directory and if the license is not there, it tries in app data folder
  • Mandatory fields in Registration form are now highlighted, and Custom fields 1-4 are defaulted to Organization and Address details (not currently used)
  • Configuration file, .cfg, amendments to URLs

Javelin for Mac release - Oct 30th 2015 (now also on AppStore, 8th Jan 2016)

  • Minor improvement to print handling - OSX 10.11 support

Javelin for Windows, JavelinPro for Windows, 2.022, 2.023 (October 20th, 29th 2015), 2.024 (Dec 9th 2015)

  • Added support for .dac file located in same directory as associated .drmz files
  • Added support for Hungarian (Magyar) language - enhanced in v2.024
  • Right mouse click menu enabled: print, zoom in, zoom out, notes, find

AdminApp kit - Sept 29 2015

  • AdminApp now provided as a signed install kit rather than a zip file for download
  • New functionality includes: option to change password for specific logged in username; option to re-assign owenership of documents; facilities to support >50 codes generated at one time; support for automatic code expiry after 3 years (does not affect authorized documents, only the use of unused old codes)

Drumlin v6.008 - Sept 2015 update

  • Minor changes to improve support under 32 and 64 bit working and Windows10

Javelin for Windows, JavelinPro for Windows, 2.12 (July 9th 2015) - updated Sep 11th, v2.020 (for 64bit updates) - updated Sept 30th, v2.021 (for very large files with amended links)

  • JWP: 1st Official Release of JavelinPro (JWP) for Windows
  • JWP: Support for end user registration, automated or manual
  • JWP: Support for license-based authorization rather than code-based authorization for registered users
  • All: Tooltips added to toolbar and toolbar search icon improved
  • All: Menu and tooltip text for Full screen version now say Esc to exit
  • All: Log file includes info on "days to view" permissioning
  • All: If Password is set when drmx or drmz file is created, this acts as an extra Password to Open protection (useful for shared/open access PCs)
  • All: Clipboard now enabled when JW/JWP open, so other programs can use it
  • All: Navtree support improved for accented and other extended character sets vand navtree encoding

Javelin for Mac release 60 - March 14th 2015

  • Major upgrade to latest dmg file plus release via Mac OSX AppStore. New functions are listed below (see JM User Guide for full details):
  • Markup and annotation
  • Full screen mode for slideshows etc
  • Removal of authorization option, with logging
  • Minor bug fixes to keyboard handling

Javelin for Windows 2.03 - update - November 6th 2014

  • Screen capture detection enhanced, with "hard" detection for stand-alone screen capture programs and "soft" detection when programs like OneNote are running

Javelin for Windows 2.0 - all new version, with many new features - August 9th 2014, August 20th 2014

  • Javelin for Windows with new installation kit and User Guide in PDF format
  • Annotation support
  • Properties (PDF and DRM) function on File menu
  • Zooming functions - drop-down fixed zoom option, marquee (selected area) zooming, max zooming level preset based on page size, new 'hand' icon for non-zooming mode/panning
  • Remove authorization option on Tools menu - enables publishers and end users to "un-authorize" a file. This removes the registry information relating to that document and logs the activity centrally
  • Additonal activity log information (version of Windows logged)
  • Support for authorization by Far East versions of Windows (e.g. Chinese)
  • Download feature added to File menu and toolbar - enables a secure file to be downloaded directly within Javelin rather than indirectly via a web browser or other mechanism
  • Recent file list length now extended
  • Auto-rotation of pages when printing mixed portrait/landscape pages
  • Security features enhanced - %I intelligent watermark element now provides deviceID information; proprietary security measures enhanced
  • Display page numbers in Javelin when PDF file double-clicked from Windows Explorer
  • Support for specified page range in printed watermarks

Javelin for Mac v1 releases 54, 55, 57,58 - April 3rd, 10th, May 1st, Aug 9th 2014

  • Minor upgrade to latest dmg file to support additional printers when "relaxed printing" selected (some CUPS printers, more HP printers)
  • Add function to request re-authorization if print count expires

Javelin for Mac v1 release 51 - Feb 21st 2014

  • Minor upgrade to latest dmg file to support additional printers when "relaxed printing" selected (notably some HP printers)

Javelin for Mac v1 release 50 - Dec 20th 2013

  • New Javelin for Mac OSX dmg file - OSX 10.8 and later recommended (OSX 10.6 not supported in this version - use previous version with 10.6 and optionally with 10.7)
  • Auto-rotation of pages supported when printing a mix of portrait and landscape pages
  • Watermarking on-screen amended to match Javelin for iPAD, Javelin for Android and Javelin for Windows as closely as possible
  • Submitted to Mac App Store - released in January 2014

Javelin for Mac v1 release 47 - Sept 20th 2013

  • New Javelin for Mac OSX dmg file
  • Date/time handling amended for OSX 10.6 with document expiry dates beyond 2038.
  • two unused module components removed as part of Mac App Store submission process

Drumlin v6.006 - Sept5 2013 update

  • Minor changes to the defaults used for secure publishing
  • Minor changes to text in publishing section

Javelin for Mac v1 release 45 - August 29th 2013

  • New Javelin for Mac OSX dmg file
  • Scroll bar display adjusted for zoom-in pages of large page images
  • Download option built in - File menu now includes Download option and auto-load/open of downloaded file

Javelin for Windows 1.021 - August 2nd 2013 update

  • New Javelin for Windows kit (1.021)
  • Title bar, About form and startup made consistent
  • Proxy server handling re-written to use latest proxy server support code
  • Full menu for File menu is now the default setting - connection details are always displayed

Javelin 1.016 - July 9 2013 update

  • New Javelin for Windows kit (1.016)
  • Intelligent watermarking amended to match those in iPAD and Android versions - fixed font, lower section of screen window, horizontal
  • Intelligent watermarking sample - samples page includes testfonts DRMZ file with static and dynamic watermarks

Admin - July 9 2013 update

  • Summary facility - for authcode data, with sorting and csv export, plus code re-setting
  • Summary facility - for activity log data, with sorting and csv export
  • Support for searching for specific code in Summary facility

Drumlin v6.005 - July 9 2013 update

  • Removal of Javelin for Windows from kit - please use latest Javelin kit from our Javelin downloads page
  • Minor changes to license text

Javelin for Mac OSX - February 4 2013 update

  • Update to rectify bug in Apple SDK that affected OSX 10.6 users - Javelin release number 1.0038

Drumlin v6.004 - November 22 2012 update

  • Support for new "relaxed printing" mode (see online Help for details)
  • Changes to new kit default settings and welcome file
  • Adjusted (retained) permissions settings after Publish New event
  • Inclusion of Javelin v1.015 and associated CAG file updates (see below)

Javelin - November 22 2012 update

  • New Javelin for Windows kit (1.015) - English and French kits (Mac version to follow shortly)
  • Support for new "relaxed printing" mode (see Drumlin update)
  • Improvements to scrolling using mouse and keyboard
  • Minor changes to re-authorization on date expiry and print count expiry

Admin - November 22 2012 update

  • Support for automatic generation of "common codes" - these enable the same set of codes to be used for multiple documents, thus allowing a single code to be issued to a customer for use on each of several separate files.

Javelin - Aug 28 2012 minor update

  • Javelin for Windows kit (1.012) updated: support for Ctrl+F to invoke text Search (Find) facility and CR/Enter to find next; searching when page zoomed places focus so that found text is immediately visible in the current zoomed window

Javelin - June 13 2012 minor update

  • Javelin for Windows kit (1.010) updated to ensure that printing to selected HP WiFi printers and Ricoh printers works correctly (removal of some -30 error messages); amendment of handling of expiry of selected counters, notably the Days to View counter, so that users are re-prompted for an authorization code

Drumlin PDF Reader/Publisher and Javelin - May 17 and 29 2012 updates

Drumlin V6.002 update release (iPAD support added), Javelin 1.008 Windows kit
  • Support for new format DRMZ files - for iPAD secure PDFs - enabled for subscription service publishers only
  • Latest Javelin reader and "Click and Go" exe file creation included in kit - now handles files with spaces or hyphens in their names
  • Expiry date is correctly save into the publishing history file when Days to View is selected rather than expiry date
  • AdminApp program available for subscription users to create their own authcodes (within overall limits per annum)
  • Addition of support for the iPAD DRMZ file format to the Javelin for Windows and Javelin for Mac readers. This enables publishers to create and distribute a single file format, DRMZ, that can be read on all devices. DRMZ files have a similar structure to DRMX files but do not incorporate the same extremely strong encryption mechanism - these files can then be provided to customers on a cross-platform basis with essentially the same functionality as DRMX files. There are three important differences between DRMX and DRMZ files: (i) DRMX files are very strongly encrypted so are essentially unbreakable even by the most sophisticated tools and compute power available - DRMZ files are also extremely difficult to break, but do not involve the military-style security levels of DRMX files; (ii) DRMZ files are faster to load and navigate, because their security model is less processor-intensive; and (iii) DRMZ files use shorter 9 character authorization codes, with no use of uppercase letters, so they are easy for end users to type (DRMX files use longer authorization codes and are designed for use via cut-and-paste, which is appropriate for devices with full keyboards). Note that authorization codes are not encryption keys - they simply are a means of ensuring that the end user has permission to access (view and/or print) the file in question.
  • Separate Javelin for Windows kit (1.008) updated to enable drmx and drmz file association (allows file double-clicking to run Javelin)


March 29 2012 - Javelin for Windows update
  • Javelin kit updated with version that supports latest update to Microsoft Windows 7 on 64bit platforms
  • Keyboard support enhancements - arrow keys supported for moving up/down a file (scrolling) plus improved handling of PgUp/PgDn when zoomed in
  • New command line options: -E for enabling extended menus as the default (now standard in the kit), and -Pnnn for specifying that printout should have a higher dpi resolution (e.g. nnn=600) than the default of 300dpi
  • The command line "javelin.exe" "filename" now opens the file with Javelin, and the install kit creates the files association with drmx files, so these run Javelin and open if double-clicked in Windows explorer. Command line options must follow the filename if used
  • Enhancements to on-screen watermarking - partially masking of the watermark %a content; minor improvements to watermarking display
  • Addition of Dutch language - Netherlands - on Tools menu, Languages option
  • Addition of a File Save As option to allow drmx files with names that are difficult to remember or are in file locations that are not convenient, to be saved with a different name and/or directory location
  • Default resampling method is 6 (Bresenham) rather than 10 (Mitchell) - can be amended via the -Rnn command line option, as described in the online help
  • Download kit (javelinsetup.exe) is now signed (Verisgn of the setup exe) as Drumlin Security Ltd
December 21 2011 - Javelin update (see help file on re-issuing encrypted files for more details) and interim Drumlin update
  • Javelin kit updated with version that supports authorization of re-issued drmx and exe files
  • Javelin utility program provided that supports removal of previously authorized docIDs
  • Pre-release version of Drumlin (32bit version) available for download - provides multiple exe file creation
November 18 2011 - Javelin for Mac OSX (10.7 "Lion"). Updated 18th Feb 2012
  • Release of OSX 10.7 "Lion" version
October 10 2011 - Javelin for Mac OSX (10.6 "Snow Leopard").
  • Following the Beta test release via the UK web site, the initial release of Javelin for Mac has now been made
  • Features supported in Javelin for Mac and not in Javelin for Windows include: two page mode, mini-page images in outline
  • Features supported in Javelin for Windows and not in Javelin for Mac include: full screen mode, multi-language support, offline authorization
August 31 2011/September 1 2011 - updates - minor technical changes
  • Improved handling of non-standard characters in navigation tree
  • Explicit recognition of Symantec SymSnapService (could interfere with one of Javelin's security features)
  • Explicit recognition of Microsoft's OneNote Office application (print functionality)
  • Print page scaling - existing feature from former "Click and Go" reader now supported, with fit to printer page option for non-standard page sizes
  • Unrecognized drmx file format - encryption in some exceptional cases was not recognized by Javelin, now fixed
July 2011 - initial release for Drumlin V6beta - functionality as per previous "Click and Go" plus
  • Support for multiple languages
  • Support for new (portable) DRMX file format
  • Support for full screen page display and digital projector usage
  • Shorter menus - long menus available via About form
  • New font handler for better font display
  • File Open support for standard PDF files and for new format DRMX file
  • Command line support for language pre-selection (see Online Help system for details) -L switch permanently sets default language (writes it to the registry) -l switch uses the set method only for the current session

Drumlin "Click and Go"

Now replaced by Javelin - July 2011

Drumlin PDF Reader/Publisher

V6.0 update release, April 2012, Universal (32bit and 64bit kit)
  • Support for new format DRMZ files - for iPAD PDFs - please contact us for details
  • Latest Javelin reader and "Click and Go" exe file creation included in kit
  • Multiple "click and go" file selection and creation
V6.000 (32bit), 6.001 (64bit): beta release, July 2011, initial full release August 2011
  • Support for new format DRMX files - seereadme filefor more details
  • Support for Javelin reader "Click and Go" file creation
  • Additional server logging of activities
  • New intelligent watermark option, %a - identifies authorization code used at time file authorized
V5.100: Updated 25th January 2011 (minor revisions Jan 27th, February 4th/16th - 5.103/4; current 5.106/7)
  • Support for on-screen "intelligent watermarking" in addition to print watermarking
  • Support for print scaling - new tab for selecting scaling model in "Click and Go" version
  • Improved image zooming quality
  • New menu item, Tools|Settings - enabling selection of default URL for the Drumlin service, default directories, Startup setting and preferred Image zooming algorithm
V5.006: Updated 23rd Dec 2010 - see Version 5 notes pagefor update status information
  • Publishing enhancement - "Expires after nnn days" option added to Publish form - i.e. support for limited duration of viewing
  • Publishing enhancement - Create Exe option extended to support two new exe variants: offline authorization and no authorization required
V5.0: November 10 2010 (updated 1st Dec 2010) - see Version 5 notes pagefor update status information
  • Revised Publish menu item. Now supports existing Publish New... form plus Create EXE function.
  • New set of Language files to support revised functionality and increased range of supported languages
  • All users enabled for User List creation and EXE file creation as standard (free of charge)
  • Revised 64bit version - reported problems with some printers now fixed
V4.206 Update release: 26th August 2010
  • Default open last document (PDF or DRM file)
  • New tabbed format for Publish New... form for simpler use - seeDemo pagefor video
  • New tabbed "Document History" form accessible via Tools menu (displays locally logged usage history)
V4.202 Update release: 7th May 2010
  • New "browser" navigation buttons added to toolbar. Enables BACK and FORWARD navigation following user selections (e.g. internal links) rather than page-by-page navigation
V4.2 Full release/update: 15th March 2010
  • release of new screen handling library - improved handling of some PDF files under Vista and Windows 7 and fix of scrolling bug with some documents
  • New menu item, Document History - provides tabbed display from DocumentHistory file
  • Publish New Document facility re-implemented with tabbed forms and greater control over secure publishing options
  • 64bit Windows support now provided via additional kit
V4.102 update: 14th December 2009
  • release of new screen handling library - improved handling of some PDF files under Vista and Windows 7
  • introduction of page bookmarking feature - allows any page to have a bookmark associated with it. Bookmarked pages are highlighted with a yellow border and included in a new Bookmarks tab to the left of the page display window; bookmarks are created using the new Bookmarks icon and stored in a .bmk file alongside the document
V4.1 Important update 14th October 2009
  • Release of new display library and program exe - much faster and with resolution-independent zoom
  • Removal of settings menu item, and print preview menu option (no longer required)
  • Page layout improved with 'shadow' display for 'fit page' view
  • Improved scrolling and movement between pages
  • Introduction of 'Document download' facility for Enterprise users
  • Inclusion of Spanish language option via Languages menu
V4.004 Minor updates - 9th August 2009
  • Improvements to scrolling
  • Automatically remember last zoom level as default setting
  • Page layout of 'fit to page'improved
V4.003 Minor update - 31st July 2009
  • Kit updates to support Vista and Mac users
V4.0 Major update - 1st July 2009
  • New PDF library - no longer requires 3rd party component
  • New text search facility - improved search locating
  • Removal of thumbnails facility - not currently supported in V4
  • Removal of multi-page display - not currently supported in V4
  • New "Settings" menu item on Tools menu - allows users to trade off between display speed and resolution, and print speed and resolution
  • Revised Print dialog, now includes "Current page" option
  • New software version and DRM service now available without charge. Tailoring options, support services and specialist facilities may be subject to a charge, on quotation