Corporate edition: Secure PDF Publishing


Corporate/Pro service ordering


Corporate/Pro service - components

The Pro service is provided for corporates and other publishers who require a license-based (permissioned) service in place of/in addition to an online authorization service. Tailored service agreements can also be provided. Pleasecontact usto order and for payment options. Please see theCorporate/Pro servicedescription page for more details.

The key features of the Pro software and service include:

  • JavelinPro (or Javelin3Pro) - a special, optionally branded version of Javelin for Windows, with additional functionality to support local license file authorization instead of (and in addition to) online authorization. Copies of JavelinPro can be issued to your users/customers with no license fee payable
  • AdminApp and DrumlinPublisher (Pro facilities and Personalization options enabled) - a specially enabled version of AdminApp and DrumlinPublisher, our Windows programs that provide facilities for creating and amending authorization codes and license files, including facilities for manual registering of end users, and tracking service usage
  • Drumlin DRM service, where data records and user permissioning details are held, together with usage-related activity logs
  • additional software tools, APIs and documentation that help the implementation and management process for the service (please enquire for details)

License/Service fees - single corporate entity:

  • Core service fee (discounts are available for non-profit organizations and for small-scale projects): $400/m - includes all software and support/maintenance - includes up to 10,000 licenses and 100,000 authorization codes per annum, which should be sufficient for almost all corporate/pro requirements - lower and higher levels and top-up/extended quotas may be ordered as and when required.
  • JavelinPro/Javelin3Pro (Windows) - JavelinPro PDF reader software is provided free of charge - the branding option for JavelinPro (Windows) is: $500
  • additional software tools, APIs and documentation that help the management process for the service
  • additional software development - tailored development on a contracted basis is available on request and subject to a separate contract agreement
  • optional Web based viewer with dedicated database for user management: from $30/document/month plus $20/month per document converted and hosted : $50/m minimum fee, larger numbers of documents converted and hosted at lower rates)

Pleaseemail usto order and for payment options. Prices are net payable for the service in question and exclude local taxes and/or VAT (UK customers - UK VAT will be added; for EEC business customers no VAT will be added if a national VAT registration number is provided).