Consultancy services


Drumlin and Javelin - Consultancy and Development Services


CONSULTANCY SERVICES: Consultancy and development services are provided at our standard rates of USD$500/day or USD$100/hour

Once you have placed your order and confirmed the number of man hours or man days of services you require, proceed to checkout to complete payment.

Consultancy services: Daily rate at USD$500 per day - enter the number of days after pressing the order button

Consultancy services: Hourly rate at USD$100 per hour - enter the number of hours after pressing the order button

After placing your order you will receive an authomatic confirmation email from PayPal. Pleaseemail usspecifying the services required and if a separate invoice is required

Payment processing is via PayPal, and may be made by card or PayPal account. You do not need a PayPal account to make a payment. The following cards are accepted by PayPal: