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Drumlin and Javelin - Bundle Solutions


Training Organization's and Publisher's 'bundle' solution (with cross-platform format file creation):

A complete solution for training organizations and book publishers (with cross-platform format file creation - drmz for PC, Mac, iPAD/iPhone and Android). These bundled solution includes: 100, 500 or 1000 authorization codes; Utility programs (AdminApp and DrumlinPublisher) to create and manage your own authorization codes, subject to the conditions in the NOTES below*. Free 2 days consultancy/setup support/testing and first year's support service; Optional conversion by Drumlin Security Ltd (if requested) of up to 5 PDFs to secure PDF format (in one go) as secure PDFs (drm, drmz or drmx files) ready for distribution - additional files or blocks of files converted by us at £15 (USD$20)/file (less for large volumes) and free if the customer does these conversions themselves. Once you have placed your order proceed to checkout to complete payment.

Bundle Service - 500 codes: £450 (USD$599.00). Click the button below to place order

Bundle Service - 1000 codes: £750 (USD$999.00). Click the button below to place order

*NOTES: The Bundle service option is not available for organizations who have previously opted for a subscription service and provides access to the DRM service, codes and administration tools for 3 years from order - authorization of files by end users during this period remain valid and available after the end of the three year period. When calculating the number of codes you require, estimate this as the number of documents times the number of separate users for each document, i.e. One Code is for One document issued to one end user/customer. Multiple use codes (e.g. 2x, 3x usage) can be counted as a single code if for a specific document for a specific individual, otherwise should be counted as multiple codes. Codes issued for bundle service usage have a default expiry after 3 years from the date they are generated if unused at that date - this can be amended on request. Administration facilities for the creation and resetting of codes will expire after the first year and can be renewed vis a new bundle purchase or by switching to subscription service. Administration facilities for tracking usage remain in place however.

After placing your order you will receive an authomatic confirmation email from PayPal. Pleaseemail us if you have any questions

Payment processing is via PayPal, and may be made by card or PayPal account. You do not need a PayPal account to make a payment. The following cards are accepted by PayPal: