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Javelin PDF readers

Our Javelin PDF reader family is available for computers running Microsoft Windows (all variants post Windows 98), Apple Mac's OSX operating systems (OSX 10.6 or later), plus mobile devices including Apple iPADs, iPhones and Android devices (ideally tablet-like devices). Please see theJavelin Downloadpage for download information. In addition, there is a special version of Javelin for Windows called JavelinPro - the JavelinPro functionality is a superset of the standard version of Javelin for Windows, adding user/device registration and offline authorization with central management control.

Javelin for Windows, JavelinPro for Windows

Javelin for Windows (see screen shot below) provides two options for reading standard PDF and secured PDF files:

  • a standalone high performance PDF reader - just run Javelin and then open a PDF or secured PDF (DRMX or DRMZ) file
  • a single combined "Document Plus Reader" (a single executable file, or EXE - for MS Windows only)

A new (completely re-implemented and enhanced) Javelin for Windows (Javelin3) is now available - Please see theJavelin Downloadpage for download information. For a brief look at this new version please seehere

Please clickherefor short demos of how to create, authorize and view a DRM-secured PDF. For full details on using secure PDFs with Javelin, please see theJavelin for MS Windows User Guide

JavelinPro for Windows is a superset of the standard Javelin for Windows functionality, so it includes all the features of Javelin for Windows plus more... The additional facilities include: (i) user registration (online or offline); (ii) offline authorization using license files rather than online authorization; (iii) phone home operation as standard; (iv) enable/disable documents already issued; (v) enable/disable registered users; (vi) extra support within AdminApp to manage registered users, create user-and-document specific license files; track usage etc. Please see theJavelinPro for MS Windows User Guide and the DrumlinPublisher userguide and video demos

Javelin3 PDF reader

Securing and Authorizing DRMX and DRMZ files

DRMX and DRMZ files require a valid authorization code before they can be read on a specific computer and cannot be read on another computer once the authorization code has been used UNLESS the code allows for multiple use. Files may be protected against: text copying, printing (optional print count may be set) start and end dates, screen grabber protection, watermarking etc. Each DRMX or DRMZ file created has a unique ID, and authorization codes are created by publishers using our AdminApp or DrumlinPublisher software or can be generated by us and issued in blocks to publishers. An initial set of 5 codes are provided for testing newly generated secure files without charge, each of which can be used 5 times. Additional codes must be ordered from theStore