Javelin PDF reader for iPAD and iPhones (iOS Universal)


Javelin secure PDF reader app for iPAD/iPhone (iOS universal version with iPhone support)

The following screenshots shows a typical PDF displayed within the iOS Javelin reader on iPAD and iPhone - for more details see further, below

Javelin for iPAD

Javelin for iPAD

Javelin for iPhone

Javelin for Apple iPAD

Available as a Free App on the App Store: Javelin for iPAD/iPhone provides PDF reading and secure PDF reading facilities on the iPAD and iPhone (universal iOS version, with iPhone support). The current version of the app is available for free download from the appstore (standard version - see further below for bespoke apps). PDF documents (books, training materials, technical manuals, legal documents etc.) can be read directly, or may be converted into secure PDFs using our free Drumlin PDF reader/publisher in a format specifically developed for use with the iPAD and iPhone (.DRMZ). The files can be made available via a web download, Dropbox etc.

Security facilities match those provided for other platforms, i.e. controls over printing (currently always disabled), viewing, copying, date expiry etc. In addition Javelin is able to store and download pre-built catalogs (e.g. book catalogs) with cover images and embedded links to the files that can be downloaded - bespoke projects are priced by individual quotation, particularly where a client-specific app is required.

TheJavelin User Guidein PDF format for this platform is available for direct download here or within the app itself. In addition to the standard facilities for security and PDF reading, the app includes advanced features such as markup, bookmarks and annotation (notes).

Publishers: pleaseemail usif you require technical support, advice and/or a quotation for delivery of your PDF publications.

Taxbooks secure PDF reader app for iPAD and iPhone

Taxbooks for Apple iPAD and iPhone

Available on the iTunes appstore: Taxbooks is a customer-specific free app for iPAD and iPhone produced for, and in cooperation with,Taxbooks GmbH, in German and to their design requirements. The Taxbooks app provides secure PDF reading facilities for a Catalog of books on Taxation rules in Switzerland with DRM authorization via the Drumlin DRM server in the UK. The ebooks themselves are simply PDF files that have been secured using Drumlin and saved in our own secure file format, .DRMZ. The files are hosted on our UK website, together with the updatable catalog that holds the metadata associated with each book.

The Taxbooks app includes a built in, updatable catalog of books that can be downloaded and authorized simply by touching the screen. In this application the PDF reader supports the display and navigation of very large documents (2000+ pages) with highly complex navigation. To try out the app simply download it from the appstore and select the catalog. An initial Demo PDF ebook is provided together with a free 9 digit authorization code (123456789) that can be used to access the document. Use the Inhalt (Contents) button to navigate via the built-in Contents tree. Note the on-screen intelligent watermark that protects against screen capture. Printing, copying and emailing are disabled in this app.

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PDF readers - Common Features summary

Reader facilities: Single page in portrait or landscape mode; internal and external hyperlink support; multi-level navigation tree support (via "contents" facility); pre-loaded PDFs and/or Catalogs of documents; downloadable catalogs; downloadable PDFs and secure PDFs (drmz files); bookmarking, highlighting markup, and annotation (as named notes)
Catalog facilities: Multiple documents with cover shots, description, page length, download URL, author, publisher, date, price of printed version etc
File handling facilities: File downloading via (a) Catalog URL; (b) explicit URL in file download facility; (c) File sharing via iTunes. File types accepted: PDF, DRMZ (mobile device specific secured PDF), XML and zipped XML (catalog structure)
Folders: Multi-level file folder facility; special File sharing folder for file synch with iTunes
Requirements: iPAD2 or later preferred (iPhone5 or later required for iOS version) plus WiFi or G3 connectivity