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  • For Documentation (PDFs)- includes User Guides for all versions of Javelin and Drumlin-related software
  • For video demos on publishing with Drumlin please clickhere
  • For Knowledgebase (searchable)
  • For DRM SERVICE SUBSCRIBERS ONLY: Submit a support ticket (end users should contact the document publisher in the first instance)
  • For Release Notes- Javelin and Drumlin product set (Windows and Mac OSX software)
  • For a brief guide and diagram on "How it works"- standard edition
  • For a brief guide and diagram on "How it works"- Corporate/Pro edition
  • For all about PDFs please clickhere
  • For information on using Apple Mac and Linux computers please clickhere
  • For guidance on using zip files for multiple and secure file distribution see our Zip files page
  • For terms and conditions and additional information for publishers, please see our About page
  • For information about our Online PDF security services, please see our Managed online page


Before contacting us please refer to the many Help facilities provided above, and to the support details below. If you email us we will aim to respond to you very quickly but please allow up to 24 hours for a reply

  • If you have a problem with DrumlinPublisher or AdminApp accessing the DRM service please check with a web browser the service web page first:
  • For news on service availability/problems provided by our DRM service hosting provider you can also check:
  • For technical support questions, e.g. with installation, software crashes or error messages, registered subscribers/publishers can contact us via the support ticket system. If all else fails pleaseemail us. Please provide us with information as indicated in the support report PDF which you can obtain fromhere
  • For service functionality and facilities, commercial questions, online web services, Pleaseemail us. Please provide as much detail as possible about the issue you are asking about.